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Original Title: 1000 Ways to Die
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Spike
Creators: Thom Beers
Language: English
Description: A thousand deaths-a documentary series of American production, which touches quite sensitive topic, the theme of death, but rather how it comes. Permanent heroes of this project will each time go deeper and deeper not only into the secrets of the body, but also the structure of man, his personal and psychological qualities. Did you know that if a snake launches poison into the body of a one-hundred-kilogram man, his death will come much earlier than death from the same bite, but already on a man who leads sixty kilograms. These interesting and quite informative facts can open a story called a thousand deaths. Are you ready to go back together with the main characters on a journey that will be not only instructive, but also quite informative? If Yes, then get ready, start.

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