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A Crime to Remember Season 2 by Investigation Discovery download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: A Crime to Remember
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
Channel: Investigation Discovery
Language: English
Description: Adventure TV series in the fantasy genre"Ren Ren" directed by Kate Madison specializing mainly in short films, takes the viewer into a fictional universe reminiscent of the dark, covered with prejudices and mythical creatures of the middle Ages. < div > The main character of the series purposeful beauty rebel named Ren (in her role perfectly got used charming and very talented-Sophie Skelton lit up in the series"Waterloo Street","Doctors","Stranger", etc.). Many people who have superhuman abilities know firsthand what danger is, and they are well aware that being next to them ordinary people can cause the last, irreparable harm. But also they feel a sense of duty towards the weak and defenseless people and, although people are doomed to loneliness, they protect their loved ones from all sorts of threats. Self-confident and fearless young warrior Ren is just one of those people, but she still didn't know his destiny, although he sometimes wondered about the origin of marks on her body. And once in front of her, parted the veil that hides the mystery of the secret sign, Wren found out that she is chosen for an ancient and powerful force, who dedicated her quite a different fate . In order to understand everything and determine the meaning of the symbol, how it was noted, the girl left her home, family and friends of her people, who had the honor to protect and went on a dangerous, long journey. Many tests will have to carry Wren and many obstacles to overcome before it will open the true meaning of its origin and purpose. The series Ren: the Girl with the mark 1-4 series download free from our site with 17.08.2017!

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