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Assassination Classroom Season 1 by Fuji TV download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: Assassination Classroom
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Fuji TV
Creators: Yūsei Matsui
Description: Scientists have found that most of the moon was subjected to an incredibly powerful attack and after this incident, part of the moon was completely destroyed by some unknown creature. But the most amazing thing is that this pest came into contact with humanity and announced its future plans. And now the whole world Congress is thrown to fight with this unknown creature, who said that he was ready to create with the planet Earth the same thing that he did with the Moon and no one and nothing is able to stop. And now the task of humanity to contain the approaching threat and destroy the pest, but how to do it if they do not even know who to fight, because the enemy never showed his face...And while scientists and the military around the world are scratching their heads, students of specialized 3-D class already know the main answer - they believe that this terrible monster is their own teacher, who has repeatedly given reasons to see this. And now the guys have to stand alone against the one who threatens to destroy all life. Will ordinary students be able to save the world or will they have to accept their fate and wait for the inevitable death? All these answers we get in the Japanese anime Comedy Murder in the classroom.

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