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Original Title: BeastMaster
Channel: CTV
Creators: Andre Norton
Language: English
Description: A boy named Dar lived in his tribe Sulus and was happy, his all be loved and respected for a special ability to understand language the most different animals and birds. But once came the Tyrants led by their leader ed and bit all the villagers, the Gift was the only one who survived then. He grew up and vowed to take revenge on his enemies, and together with his faithful friends mi animals trying to fulfill his vow and save from captivity favorite girl Kira. He helps a guy named Tao (Beastmaster had saved him from death), there is still an eagle 2 and the eternally hungry ferret Podo Code and many other animals. Friends will have a lot of dangerous tests, they will fight with countless hordes of enemies, among them are not only the usual Royal warriors, but also insidious sorcerers of all kinds, a beautiful blond sorceress and, of course, the king himself.

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