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Border Security: Australia's Front Line Season 1 by Seven Network download without torrents for free in HD

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Channel: Seven Network
Language: English
Description: An American of Italian origin has behind him a heavy burden of ancient, unbearably bitter events. Eddie-honored veteran of the war, participated in several armed conflicts. After retiring, a middle-aged American who has excellent military training, got a job in the security service of a large shopping center to solve financial difficulties. One night, during the vigil to him, and problematic partner inevitably have to become participants of unpredictable, risky events. They let in a frightened girl who had miraculously escaped death. She rode the escort of several cars belonging to the FBI. Intelligence officers accompanied the car with an important witness of the crime, who are sent to the hearing to give decisive testimony against very influential people. You can watch online the Guard Security in good quality for free, without registration.If the trial takes place, the authoritative people will not be able to avoid deserved punishment, and will certainly go to prison cells, losing power and illegally acquired property. To avoid an unpleasant outcome of the case, they hire professional mercenaries to eliminate the only eyewitness of the criminal cases of the elite of society. A bystander ordered the elimination of target was the poor girl. Now the aim of the killers is getting it. The only protection for an innocent child becomes a group of confused guards led by an elderly captain in retirement. They stand in the way of angry bandits to try to gain time. For opposition defenders use different subjects which are around to constrain an impact of the armed mercenaries before arrival of militiamen.

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