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Class of the Titans Season 2 by ABC Me download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: Class of the Titans
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: ABC Me
Language: English
Description: Nothing in the world is eternal, including the Earth, which scientists have already determined the date of death. Possible salvation becomes one of the satellites of Saturn. Throughout the development of mankind, Titanium was considered uninhabitable, but with the help of genetic engineering, a solution was found. Researchers have found the ability to change the structure of human DNA so that people can breathe in the atmosphere of the satellite. Disaster is approaching, forcing scientists. They recruit volunteers for the experiment, preferring full families. Genetic evolution is accelerated with the help of medicines, brings the desired results. The experiment is considered successful, and the study participants are transferred to a special capsule, where the conditions are close to those that are waiting for them on the satellite. People feel good there, which means that it will be possible to send a lot of spacecraft with modified representatives of humanity. Excited by the positive news Year – the main character and one of the future inhabitants of Titan – go to a secret base with the family to take part in the experiment. When he passes the right course, it becomes known that the established system has failed. A few months later, the human body rejects the changes, after which there is an uncontrolled transformation of DNA. People turn into cruel murderers with a sense of invulnerability and perfection.

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