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Original Title: Crime Scene Cleaner
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NDR Fernsehen
Creators: Bjarne Mädel,Arne Feldhusen
Description: The German, black comedy series The crime scene cleaners told by Heiko Scot (Bjarne Mädel), which is well-known simply Schotty. This is mostly active as a building-cleaning services - however, has specialized in the past primarily on cleaning up crime scenes. He is the man whose work exactly starts when extinguished the last spotlight usually. the trace removal (SpuBe) following the track securing, and accordingly it is the object of Heiko mopping up the spilled blood of a violent confrontation. While facing the most bizarre people - mostly members who engage him in eternal discussions or otherwise strange conversations.    The essential theme of the series is always a humorous, because the actual murders play only a minor role. Rather, it is the atmosphere of an intimate play combined with precise situational humor that characterizes the crime scene cleaner. While Heiko committed to penetrated by blood carpet cleaning products clean all stripes and the relatives of the deceased spread their whole life story before him, usually creates a situation which always turns out to be very strange occurrence.    Main characters of The crime scene cleaner    Heiko Schotty Scot (Bjarne girl) is more of a quiet fellow and could almost be described as discreet loner. He works as a building cleaner and has specialized over time to the crime scene cleaning. This profession he goes carefully as conscientious. He is the protagonist of the series.    Background information on the crime scene cleaner    At the crime scene cleaner is a production of the NDR. The film was shot in our own studio in Hamburg. The first season includes only four episodes and was initially held only one slot for the time of night. After the series, however, was in 2012 nominated for the Grimme Prize and this could even win following, the NDR extended The crime scene cleaners to a second season (this time with a circumference of five episodes) and arranged for the format a better time slot. Both by the audience and by the critics, the concept of the series was well received. Especially the snappy mix of exciting chamber drama and black slapstick came across a lot of love in the part of the viewers and recipients. In addition, the crime scene cleaners could further awards such as the Jupiter-Film Award 2013 and the German Comedy Award 2012 einheimsen as the best television series.

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