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Original Title: Men on a Mission
Channel: JTBC
Description: After graduating from school, Katie can not understand myself and decide what she wants to do in the future. Therefore, the girl decides to postpone admission to College and takes a one-year break. The heroine even gets advice to start your own blog or diary, because it will help her to become more disciplined and quickly understand their desires. Katie did not take the advice seriously at first, still decides to start an anonymous blog in which she shares all her most intimate secrets and experiences. In it, she talks about a complicated relationship with a guy who is the real reason she didn't go anywhere. Gradually, Katie begins to like to talk anonymously about her life, because she can Express everything that has accumulated inside her. She describes her problems, experiences, and situations she finds herself in. Every day the blog becomes more and more popular, and the number of its readers grows with incredible speed. This soon leads to unexpected consequences that complicate a girl's life. She will have to make a difficult choice and finally decide what she really wants.

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