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Original Title: Oh! Expecting a baby!
Description: Peter and Lisa have been trying to have a baby for years. The traditional method did not help them, artificial insemination also failed, and not once, and the family budget with each new attempt becomes more scarce. And if Peter is not particularly affected by the lack of children, Lisa is not going to give up: if you do not get a baby, she is ready to go for adoption. When Lisa's best friend named Andy found out that she got pregnant from a stranger met in a bar, a solution was found: Andy will settle with Peter and Lisa during pregnancy, give birth to a child and give it to his friends. Not to say that Peter is very happy at the emergence of a new tenant, but succumbed to the request of his wife, and shortly afterwards put forward a counter-petition. His brother Casey, who has been suffering from drug addiction for many years, left the rehabilitation center and needed moral support. From that moment on, Lisa and Peter's family life began to deteriorate rapidly.

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