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Ride with Norman Reedus Season 1 by AMC download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: Ride with Norman Reedus
Channel: AMC
Language: English
Description: Many people love reality shows, not even knowing that can happen behind the scenes of such TV shows. The events of the series will take viewers into the hell that is carefully hidden from the audience. A group of girls take part in a show very similar to a Bachelor." Serious passions flare up, because the competition is big enough. They are capable of much, and can offer anything, including sex. Moreover, some of the participants are held in the Studio against their will. African-American women are forced to pretend that they have certain racial stereotypes, which causes the necessary" emotions for the audience. However on TV screens everything looks absolutely not so, and the impression is made that girls are happy, and are ready to fight for the one who becomes the main character of this cruel show. What happens after a terrible secret is revealed? Will someone be punished, or will everyone pretend that nothing happened?

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