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Original Title: Search Party
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TBS
Creators: Sarah-Violet Bliss,Charles Rogers
Language: English
Description: The film "Search" will show the viewer the story of the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl named Margot. The girl's father David Kim, returning from work in the evening noticed that her daughter was not home. In our time, technology is impossible to disappear without a trace. The father rushed to ring the school, where he was informed of the lack of girls. A desperate father rushed to look for her, rozczarowany he doesn't know what to do and talking to the police. Deciding that you need to help special agents in the search for he breaks the laptop Margot to find the secrets that will help her find. After reading the last censuses, there were some search engagements. As it turned out, Margot stole 2500 thousand dollars and stole a car, which was later found near the forest with the entire amount of money. Parental feelings do not leave bad thoughts, but the father is sure and believes that she could not do it. Watch the movie "Search" and we will see or find the girl and under what circumstances it happened.

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