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Original Title: Selfie
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC
Creators: Emily Kapnek
Language: English
Description: In the midst of all the events of the anime series"Sekirei" will be a young twenty year old youth named Mina-Sahasi. In the life of Mina, there is little that turns out, especially to get acquainted with some charming girl with whom he will have to lay down relations. Our main character does not stand out much, he is an ordinary complexed guy who, and twice was unable to enter higher education, as he failed all the exams there. Although, despite the fact that the Mine was brought up as best as possible and his parents were scientists and had laid him a good intelligence, yet the guy gave up, when the second time failed the exams. So now he has to think about how to live on, he will have to go back to work, and wait another year to try his hand again. With such success it may seem that it will be exact all the time without the girl, but then as they say"Fools are lucky". And from nowhere at the head of the protagonist of the anime Sekirei season 1 online falls charming beautiful girl named Musubi. And despite the fact that she is already quite an adult personality, her intelligence fluctuates at the levels of 10-12 year old girl. But all this is not for nothing, because Musubi is not just a person, she is"sekirei" - an artificially created person, of which 108 units were created in the world. The main goal of these people is to increase their level, and thus passing into one important tournament. But in order to get into this tournament, and awaken your true power", Sakurai" must first look for the title"ashikabi" - people who can awaken incredible power in Sakurai. That person is the protagonist of Sekirei 2008 anime, however, what is the purpose of all these tournaments and what is the true purpose interested Musubi...?

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