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Original Title: Song of Phoenix
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Hunan Television
Description: Before us is a spectacular film that tells about how a mermaid becomes a favorite of Chinese millionaire. But everything in order... The main character of the film-a tycoon who made his fortune on the purchase and sale of real estate – is going to use sonar that can kill thousands of marine life. Liu Xuan himself does not think about the danger of the technologies belonging to him, but calculates the profit from the use of the invention. But this threat is concerned with marine creatures, including mermaids and even the evil octopus. Upon learning of the weakness of rich women, the Council of the mermaids sends the able beauty to the assignment. Young Shana belongs to seduce Liu Xuan and destroy him so that she and her relatives are not threatened. The task is quite clear to the girl, but to perform it will not be so easy. The obstacle will not be the tail of the heroine, because there will be something that was not included in anyone's plans: a millionaire and a mermaid fall in love with each other. But is it for the sake of love Shan will save the life of a tycoon and thus kill thousands of living creatures? Or will she try to find a way out of this difficult situation?

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