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The Pillars of the Earth Season 1 by Starz download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: The Pillars of the Earth
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Starz
Language: English
Description: SARP is a young man who graduated with honors from the police Academy. He comes from a good family, but many years ago their house was shaken by a terrible tragedy. Someone kidnapped the brother of the main character Umut. It soon became clear that Umut was made a member of a mafia group, but he was able to leave the streets with the help of a girl lawyer Melek. Umut inflamed feelings for his new friend, but she only offered him friendship.rn

The meeting of the brothers separated for many years happened suddenly: they studied at the same police Academy! Both graduated from the Academy with honors, and only SARP had conflicts with the local leadership. The result of this conflict was a quarrel with the teacher of the protagonist. It tells the Sarpa about the dirty deeds of his father, causing the wrath of men. He teaches on a teachers gun and almost kills him. As a result, instead of a brilliant career, the young man goes to prison.rn

Now the Sarpa have to help the beautiful Melek, which is using all his connections, manages to pull the guy free. Sarpom between Melek and feelings erupt that would shock the Umut. He is still in love with his Savior and does not intend to retreat.in the future, SARP will become a informer, infiltrated a criminal group, to investigate the past of his father and to understand the relationship with his brother. Despite the feud over the girl, these two still have blood ties. For his brother, SARP is willing to go to great lengths, but he is not willing to sacrifice his feelings for Melek.

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