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Original Title: The Shannara Chronicles
Channel: MTV,Spike
Creators: Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Language: English
Description: The storyline of the fantasy film develops in a fictional Universe in which several different races live at once. Every day they have to fight against each other, but from time to time these events subside. Once upon a time this mysterious place carried the real threat of invasion of the worst demons of that time. But only then wise elves, thanks to the power of magic, managed to knock off the path of bloodthirsty creatures. at the moment, the ancient elkris tree constantly reminds residents of what happened at a terrible time. The only thing currently holding back a new invasion – this tree, according to the elders of the elves. And here's the tree slowly begins to die. Alarmed by such a misfortune Allan, a local druid, he takes his team Eretria, will and ember, as assistants. After that, they go on a long hike, hoping to save the dying tree. As a result, the elves manage to pass a lot of tests, but to save the tree and they did not. The tree dies, then the adventure, as it turned out, had just begun. Now their world is approaching a completely new terrible war, which will lead to terrible consequences.

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