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Original Title: The White Princess
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Starz
Creators: Jamie Payne,Alex Kalymnios
Language: English
Description: One of the main instincts of each person – procreation. And it's not just sex, as stated in his writings, the founder of psychoanalysis grandfather Freud. For any normal parent instinct manifests itself in taking care of their children. In the story of "Whisper" enemy alien forces calculate this human weakness and begin to use it on a full scale.nnAlien invaders invade our planet, acting in their occupation purposes through the younger generation. In the administrative capital of America, Washington, several children begin to bother parents and others, talking about a new imaginary friend – Drill. He seduces girls and boys on very dangerous game with unpredictable consequences. After a six-year-old girl under the influence of "friend" Drill almost kills his mother, this phenomenon is finally interested in the FBI. Agent Claire Bennigan needs to find out if the girl has a mental disorder, or if there's something more scary and global behind this case.nnAt the same time with the Bennigan investigation, the us Department of defense sends its employee Wes Lawrence to the Sahara desert. His mission-to determine the nature of the mysterious object, which locals consider an alien ship. And only if someone will be able to put the pieces of the mosaic of unexplained incidents in recent time, you will be able to save the human children, and yet the whole human race.

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