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Original Title: White Collar
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: USA Network
Creators: Jeff Eastin
Language: English
Description: Well, Here we are waiting for the new series of the famous crime series"White collar". This is the fifth consecutive season and it should be noted that the ratings of the series did not fall, but on the contrary became higher and we do not dare to disagree, the show is really good! Since the release of the latest series of the fourth season of the collars was already quite a lot of time and many could even forget what it was all over, so we recommend You refresh your memory and look at least the ending, but it is quite unexpected. I will not paint the details, let me just say that Peter Burke is an FBI agent, if You still remember, was specifically substituted and now he faces a prison! Yes, this is how it happens your whole life fighting crime, show the best results and at one point it all may collapse! The task now Neal Caffrey is our second"White collar", rather it can be called the first, because it is thanks to him and his skills any, even the most sophisticated crime will be solved! Success Caffrey is that in the past he's one of the best liars in the world, moreover it is even taught in the lectures in the universities. It's all the same what to build a monument in his lifetime! It should be noted that his fame is fully deserved and You will be able to see this, such as it units, it can be compared with the"Mentalist" of their methods of investigation what is similar and they are key figures of the series. Neal and Peter make a great team, however in spite of the fact that they have long worked together and visited various life-threatening situations, among them 100% confidence, it is understandable - how can you trust a cheater? Besides Neal and then gives reasons to doubt your honesty. The events of season 5, White collar, Yes, actually not only the fifth but also the previous develop not only the couple, every minor character contributes and makes the show even more interesting!

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